Motion-based distance learning and monitoring system

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Dr. Zainkó Csaba
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

With the thesis (Motion-based distance education and monitoring system) I wanted to achieve a system, which could use whatever type of modern motion-sensitive device/sensor and it proves the possibility of motion-learning in rooms, shows lot of newness in education via Internet, without an expert’s supervising can check the user’s motion and its motion-evaluating subsystem inspires the user to complete exercises with better results and largely testing their stamina too. Many sensors would be suitable to build up this system, but I have chosen Microsoft’s Kinect device, because it was not too expensive to get and from technological aspects Kinect is rising out among the competitors (Sony Move and Nintendo Wii sensors).

The thesis basically represents a distance education and motion monitoring program, which shows that other people could be teachable to do motion-based exercises irrespectively of place and time. In the specification I defined 3 motion-exercises (physiotherapy, martial arts, dance). I want to describe them with a few examples: a family doctor or a specialist could record physiotherapy movements with Kinect sensor, which he could share with his patients via Internet. Patients can do the described exercises at home and the doctor could check the results on the webpage of the system; a master of martial arts could define offensive and defensive movements using Kinect, which have to be completed by his followers in given time; a dance teacher could record dance movements, which would be downloaded by his dancers and played at home.

Basically I defined the previously mentioned three types of exercises, because I think these are spreaded world-wide. I formed the system on that way, which would set it to be extendable with other exercises too. I successfully created a demonstrative application, which could be easily upgraded to a final product. I only need to realize a spectacular graphical interface beside the existing components and after that the product could be usable for commercial goals.


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