Camera Aided Movement Analysis

OData support
Kundra László János
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In multi integration mode, only a single image is needed for the speed analysis. The sensor is exposed multiple times within an image. As a result, extremely short integration durations within the set exposure time are possible, which can be used to capture even fast moving objects.

The thesis of camera aided movement analysis implements a Windows application which can help configuring the connected camera with multi integration mode and it also helps measuring speed and acceleration. The application gives an easy-to-use interface for every user who wants to take measurements.

When the program starts it configures the camera which will be ready for use. When clicking on the camera capture item in the application menu the camera starts capturing images then they will be shown in the application window. We can calibrate the camera by clicking on the calibrate item in the application menu. The program determine the distances of the real world with calibration and these distances will be useful later when it will calculate the speed.

The program detects motion. It finds the moving object and it can take a sample of it. By clicking on the measure item during the action the application calculates the speed and the acceleration of the moving object.


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