Mobility estimation in future mobile networks

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Dr. Fazekas Péter
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In today's world, where one mobile network provider after another installs 4G, alias LTE services, high bandwidth becomes more and more important in the world of mobile equipments. In the not so distant future we will be downloading HD and 3D streams on our tablets, be part of a videoconference on our smartphones, or play MMORPG games online on our laptops on tarins and buses. In LTE and 4th generation mobile networks one of the most important requirement is "seamless" handover. Not only the user will experience better quality, but it also saves money for network providers. During handovers while arriving in a new cell, one does not have to wait for resources to be allocated, or untill the datapackets arrive from the previous cell. To achieve this goal one possibility is non other than to estimate and predict the movement of the users. In my diploma I will examine some positioning and mobility prediction methods. After that I will introduce my movement predicting algorithm, and a model for testing it.


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