Motion Tracking Control of Spotlight

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Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Only 1% of our power consumption is expended on lighting. This value is even more interesting, if you consider it only in comparison with the electric power consumption. The proportion of lighting might as well reach 15-20% of the electric energy used in an average household.1

The efficiency of lighting can be improved not only by using lighting equipments with better effectiveness, but also by an appropriate arrangement and special controlling of the light rays. This requirement could be fulfilled by a motion tracking reflector. It makes possible to illuminate only part of the area of work. The aim of my work is to design such a conception.

There are a lot of works that only can be made at night such as the accident units of the police. It must be finished very quickly, darkness cannot be a hindrance. Road works are also carried out by night very often, so as not to disturb the traffic. In these cases it might be very useful to make possible illuminating not the whole area of work. Many other applications of such an equipment can be thought of in industry as well as in everyday environment.

The aim of my work is to develop the conception of an outdoor docking system. The lamp is able to rotate along the vertikal axle making the tracking of the motion possible. For determining the location of the given target, I used the GPS technology. The directing of the system is carried out by a microcontroller.

I began to solve the problem by choosing the appropriate technologies. Then I made a theoratical conception. For this reason a chose the necessary components and made the detailed plan of the hardver. The last step was the realization. I made a prototype ready and wrote the software.

At the end of the paper some possibilities for further improvement are outlined.


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