Motion related physical experiments with smartphone support

OData support
Dr. Csorba Kristóf
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The bigest challenge of the 21st century education is to improve itself as fast as the world is improving and to offer useful and valid knowledge. The most important thing when you are a teacher is to motivate the students and you can do it in only one way, if the knowledge and even the tools are chosen from contemporary [1].

These sentences show how important is to modernize and improve the education. In addition to revulution of the smartphones and tablets, a great opportunity appeared to come together the useful and the pleasure. Nowadays, almost every children has a smartphone from the beginning of the grammar school. According to a research in 2014 among the mobile operation systems, the most used is the Android. 8 from 10 mobiles are sold with Android OS. These devices are equipped with sensors, they are used to make the mobile usage more convenient. These measuring tools can supply quite accurate values.

I have taken advantege of all these oportunities in my Andrioid application. I would like to give a system to the teachers and the students, which can present spectacular and delightsome experiments in concept of physics.

I used two different sensors to support my experiements, these are the accelerometer and the magnetometer. I implemented 2 experiements to represent the pendulum and the circular movements. The application ascertains the period time of the movements, and measure the centripetal acceleration. The result is presented to the user via MPAndroidChart API. The application may used with a JavaFX framework [2] prepared by Ádám Szemők, which can present all the measured data with a desktop device in real time, so we can follow them while the mobile is doing the experiements.

[1]Kovács Tamás: GEOMATECH@ Élményszerű természettudomány címmel meghírdetett pedagógus továbbképzés oktatási segédanyaga (Budapest,2014.)

[2] Szemők Ádám Akusztikus hullámterjedést vizsgáló mobilalkalmazás fejlesztése Weboldal:


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