Development of motion tracking system

OData support
Dr. Blázovics László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, the cheap semiconductor based inertial measurement units are becoming more and more available. Moreover the wide variety of humanoid robots are available for developers. We wanted to seize these opportunities, and to build a system, which measures the movement of a human, with a sensor suit made from inertial sensors, and to use the measured data, to control a humanoid robot. A system like that would be tremendously useful for the world, with endless of use cases, for example it would make it possible for a doctor to remotely do a surgery from one city in another.

On one hand, our motivation was to create something new, something that could be vastly useful for the society, or at least very entertaining. On the other hand, we felt, that this project could greatly help our personal development, as we had no experience with embedded systems so far.

The system imagined by us, brings up a lots of problems that has to be solved. Firstly the measured data has to be broadcasted between the components. Secondly the humanoid robot has almost the same body parts as a human, but the motion of these are very limited, due to the servos moving them, hence the controlling of the servos is not a trivial task at all. The reader of my thesis can get to know a little bit about these and other interesing problems and their solutions. Furthermore I shortly present the current motion capture systems, a humanoid robot and it’s programmability. Lastly I will demonstrate the motion control system developed by us.


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