Study of Magnetic Encoder Sensors for Motion Control Applications

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Dr. Sütő Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My final project is the Study of Magnetic Encoder Sensors for Motion Control Applications. First I had to find a solid literature about the applications of encoders in our present days. I learned about the different principle based encoders, their advantage over others, etc.

Then I had to select the sensors what I am gonna use in the mesurements. For the sensors a standardized interface was made. I used the freeware software KiCad, to design a PCB for the encoders.

After that I made the measurement set-up, for both of the sensors. I had to mount the sensor carefully, because of the strict limitations the sensors have.

The first measurement I did was for the AS5132 sensor. It has an SSI output which you can use to gain the angular position of the magnet. Also the number of full turns the magnet took could be gained and the entiremovement could be defined.

To execute the measurement I connected the sensor to the C2000 Picollo LaunchPad, and downloaded the program necessary for the digital signal processing by using Code Composer Studio, to the Picollo.

Afterthat I investigated the PWM output of the sensors. I found the results appropriate.

At last I discussed the I2C protocol and summarized my findings.


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