Development of a workshop management system and an intelligent machine controller

OData support
Lajtha András Balázs
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

During the task I have created a control for an injection moulding machine and a management application connected to it for small businesses.

In the design phase, it was a primary concern that the system should cost as less as possible, while still having all the functionalities that a small business would need. Thus, I have chosen general platforms like Arduino, Android and Django Webframework, enabling that the system will be easy to extend and customize in the future. As part of the project, I also had to find a solution for the cooperation between the devices.

After the implementation, I have tested all functionalities of the system, which included running both automatic and manual tests.

The created solution with its wide range of functionality and user-friendly interface can make not just the operator's but also the maintenance staff's lives easier.

The information gained from the statistical data collected by the machine control will be able to help the person leading the company via the management application in the future.


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