Complex testing of satellite power distribution unit

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Dr. Csurgai-Horváth László
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

During the work on my Master thesis I participated in a project at BME HVT Space Research Group, where I was responsible for testing of the European Student Earth Orbiter satellite’s Power Distribution Unit (PDU). In my Master thesis I present the main parts of the satellite, and I cover the PDU in greater details. For the testing of the Power Distribution Unit, I used a test hardware, which was developed by the members of the Space Research Group. With the help of this test environment it was possible to simulate and test the communication line between the onboard computer and the PDU. During my work I used this setup for testing the module.

My tasks were writing the necessary software for the operation of the test environment, participation in the setup of the hardware environment, and execute the tests with the completed test system. I completed the tests accordingly to the progress of the PDU development, first on the prototype of the module, then on the final printed circuit board.

After the completion of the tests I examined the reliability of the system’s communication. I performed measurements using different serial communication technologies with the aim of comparison. I rated the fault tolerance of the satellite’s onboard serial communication according to the measurements.


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