Development of star tracker software for small satellites

OData support
Dr. Srp Ágoston Mihály
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The goal of this thesis is to create a system which can estimate the camera axis (and also orientation) of satellites. I focused on development of the software, this thesis discribes theories, methods, algorithms that were implemented; additionally some other alternatives are demonstrated.

First I sought all documentations, theses, articles available on the Internet that deal with star trackers and I chose proper methods, algorithms. After that I designed the software. At the end I wrote the star tracker software with openCV library, and I created some testcases for test purposes.

In the first part of this thesis I briefly summarize the history of star trackers, then I giva a schematic presentation about star tracker operation. I describe some image processing algorithms and astronomical terms, which are necessary to create a star tracker system. Using all of these I give a solution how to compute the camera axis on a satelite, I test the algorithm that I implemented, and I present some ideas about future research.


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