Development of Satellite Tracking Web-based Application

OData support
Dr. Hosszú Gábor
Department of Electron Devices

The purpose of this paper is to show the design and implementation steps of a web-based, internet accessible, in-browser running software, that can track, predict and visualize the path of orbiting satellites.

In the first part, I give a detailed explanation about the fundamentals of the inner working of the propagation algorithms, the basic properties of satellites and the data required for the calculations.

I discuss the new possibilities of the HTML5 and JavaScript and plan to show how to make complex software using these technologies.

At the end I show the detailed implementation steps of a truly multiplatform, complex web application, which can track multiple satellites simultaneously. It can show the flight path on a map, predict the passes over a specified observer point and it can calculate the distance between satellites which is useful for planning inter-satellite communications.

The results of the design and implementation are verified by test runs, and the screenshots are included in this paper.


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