Design of a Multifunctional Music Player

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Kökényesi Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

These days our life would be unimaginable without the possibility of listening to music. Our favourite tracks can make us happier and they can help us to recover after a heavy day.

A music player is necessary, to play these tracks. There are many different devices, but we cannot find any, which is capable of handling many input and have wireless connection too. These functions are available in the high end devices, which are very expensive. We can be sure, that there is a large need for these multifunctional players in the lower price segment too.

This is the subject of my thesis, building such a device, which I described yet. The user will be able to choose between different sound inputs, and the wireless connection will help to connect it to other smart devices.

The fact, that we could use the wireless connection for controlling and for play-back at the same time is making the device also very individual. We could easily forget the traditional remote control devices with this new way of remote controlling, which is very customizable and informative.

It will be easy to use and easy to learn, which is very important for elderly people. With these functions the success is guaranteed.

My task is to design the device and the software for it too.


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