Implementation of a Multicopter Controll Application for Windows Phone

OData support
Pálfy Miklós Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

These days, multicopters become more and more widespread for private and commercial use.

Over the years their control software become more complex, because these have to comply for the user’s current needs and new application areas, as well as for the current rules and laws, moreover these have to stand up against rivals.

We can use these devices widely, because they have quite a big number of useful properties and that is the reason why they can be widely-used to solve everyday problems. These could be the information getting and sharing or assistance. However they can infuse determinative role in trade, because during the increasingly accelerating consumer demand serving we can solve a lot of problem with them for example a product slow shipping in case.

Development of applications which responsible for control of drones may happen for multiple platform. So it is possible to guide one type of drone from almost every mobile device.

The purpose of this thesis is to plan, create, present and test a controlling application for Windows Phone platform, which allows safe and punctual multicopter control for the person who uses it.


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