Enhancing Search and Disitribution in BitTorrent Network

OData support
Simon Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Since the beginning of the master's i have been interested in peer-to-peer torrent protocol, i also have made my independent works of this topic by successive semesters. One of the main drawbacks of BitTorrent-based file sharing is that during everyday operations of the downloaded files, we can be easily widraw from further sharing.

Many of these problems have been grouped together as problemes to solve for my thesis. These solutions include renaming files downloaded by BitTorrent, relocation, or the possibility of modifying the metadata in case of being audio files.

This document assists to understand the solutions of the work of the last year, which includes the solution of the three problems listed above over Android operating system. Resolving the tasks helped to acquainte with the main elements of Android (whitin the three layers: visualization, data access, business logic), with its test environment, and different frameworks, as well as with the funcionality of the torrent protocol, and the multimedia compatible meta-data formats .

Scrolling this document the reader can get an insight into the solutions development curve, which are: design, implementation, testing, and finally the evaluation.


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