Development and implementation of multimedia probe

OData support
Dr. Jeney Gábor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

This thesis describes some measurement modul of the MiniProbe, which is a servicequality measurement product of the NETvisor Ltd. The document focuses only on some new moduls, the full documentation of the MiniProbe can be found at the URL of

First of all, in Section 1, I introduce some VoIP protocols briefly, and the SIP protocol completely, descirbing the messages and the entities used by the protocol, beside this it describes the Real-time Transport Protocol. The next two section I expound the implemented measurement modules. In Section 2 the active and passive VoIP modules, and Section 3 describes the measuring of video-based streams. These two sections explains the format of the messages which is required by displaying the result through some examples.

The active measurements means, that the endpoints are, the probes, while during passive measurements the endpoints can be two phone or softphone, and the probes are placed in the signal path between these two clients. The measurements connected with video, can be divided into two subsections. The first section measures TCP and UDP transmissions, analyzing HTTP messages, counting TCP retransmissions. The other section is in connection with stream-based video quality measurements, for example measuring the players buffer level.


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