Multimédiás mobil alkalmazás fejlesztése IOS platformra

OData support
Kaszó Márk
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my thesis I will introduce the design, the developement and the implementation of an iOS mobile application. I will show the reader over the technologies I used, enhance the strong developement conventions defined by Apple, like the XCode integrated developement environment, iOS Software Developement Kit, Cocoa Touch framework and the Objective-C as the used programming language. The developed application is based really much on social networks, like Facebook, GooglePlus and on media supplier servers, like Youtube or SoundCloud. The reader will have a great opportunity, to learn a bit about how to work with their systems. We use a home server to provide an interface to the application to connect to media servers and to other users. Therefore I will make it clear how to deal with the network connections safely and trustworthily. After presenting the foundations the program based on, I’m going to introduce the mobile application, running on an iPhone or on a virtual simulator software. By this documentation, the functionalites and the screens of the app are described from a developer’s and also from a user’s point of view. At the end of thesis I’ll write about the engineering challenges and the solutions I worked out.


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