Development of a Multimedia Control Unit

OData support
Kiss Domokos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The development of a new home automation system has been started at the Conet Ltd. My task was to design the display and interface unit of the system. This unit is a wall-mounted multimedia device with a touch surface. It is connected to an Ethernet network to communicate with the system. It is powered from Power over Ethernet over this network and it has a backup battery too. It can be used as a video intercom supported by its camera and audio subset.

In the design I have had to use the i.MX27 processor. This processor has the right feature set to be used in a multimedia application with high efficiency.

Before I have started to design the final device I have tested all of the used functions to ensure they will be working fine. I have done these functional tests with a development board. It was capable to test all of the needed peripherals, so I could test the LCD interface, the audio system and amplifier and the Ethernet communication with the Power over Ethernet supply.

After all the tests have been made and the required result has been gotten I have started to design the prototype of the final device. At this point I have had to consult with the designer who has designed the housing of the device. We have selected the used components and their positions together. After that I could make the schematic drawings.

The drawing of the printed circuit board could be made from the schematic. I must take care of the components’ position and the outline of the board. After I have generated the needed files the manufacturing of the board could be started.

After the board was ready and populated I have started to test the functions. The tests showed that all of the needed functions work well and the device can be used as the part of the system.


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