Multimedia Transmission on Broadband Wireless Computer Networks

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Horváth Zoltán
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Increasing the complexity of encoding, multimedia encoders today achieve higher levels of compression. Compression efficiency is determined by the bandwidth required, the resources available, and the quality of the encoded material. According to the options and requirements, the outcome will favor one or more of the efficiency parameters.

In this thesis I analyse video encoder optimization, with a focus on optimizing x264 encoder parameters.

The second chapter presents the basic concepts, codecs, transfer protocols, image quality measuring indices and streaming tools.

In the third chapter I demonstrate encoder parameters, which are classified by their performance. It is possible to tailor an optimal blend of options suited to exactly meet specific requirements by taking these classes into account.

The fourth chapter analyzes video transmission by varying network parameters affected by wireless communication in order to be able to minimize its impact on video quality by tuning the video encoder.


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