Developing a chat application based on mongodb, node.js, angular and ionic technologies.

OData support
Dr. Goldschmidt Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays for developing a web application, there are a lot of opportunities. During my studies in Budapest University of Technology and Economics I have learned a few of the available technologies by taking Developing Data-driven Applications, Software Laboratory 5, IT Engineering Laboratory 2 courses, but because of the short period of time, and the frequent schedule of the semesters, I could not get a reliable knowladge.

My Project Laboratory was to develop a picture sharing application with my partner. I was responsible for the Android surface of the application, but I had to be aware of the logic of the backend. That time I realized, that I have not even heard many of the modern technologies, and I do not know how they work. During the developing I have been communicating with my old school-mate, who works in developing of web applications, and he said a lot of interesting things too. I thought that it would be practical to develop a web application which has a web client, a mobile client, and continuously communicates with a database.

My purpose with BSc Thesis Project is to become acquainted with the latest technologies of developing web applications, and to get a knowladge, that I will be able to use later in my career.


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