Developing a multiplatform e-book reader application using modern web technologies

OData support
Kis-Nagy Dániel Dávid
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Reading is an important, everyday activity. We do this activity while we are learning or we are at workplace. Moreover, we do this just for fun. Nowadays people are reading more and more books and publications in digital format. The new way of content delivery has changed our reading habits. We can read books now on smartphones, e-book readers, tablets or computers.

There are e-book reader apps for Linux, OS X and Windows. However, none of them have reached outstanding popularity or success. These apps are missing something.

I wanted to develop a new EPUB reader which runs on desktop and provide a solution for this problem. First, I analyzed three popular apps in this category. I wanted to utilize web technologies in my apps because this strategy fits well with the fact that EPUB is web based standard. So I studied these web technologies. Also I tried to make my app as simple as possible.

As a result, I was able to create the app with the above criteria. While I was implementing the software, I created an algorithm capable of splitting HTML document into many pieces so one piece can fit into the screen.

The new app might be a new direction to for more successful e-book readers. Additionally, my work could show a view on how to develop similar web based, desktop apps.


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