Developing a multiplatform task management application using modern web technologies

OData support
Tóth Tibor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, to achieve greater productivity to our tasks – whether it's personal or work-related – it is important to organise and schedule them some way. Some task manager applications already exist, but they have their shortcomings and are typically not available on all platforms. A mobile application has to be prepared for multiple platforms to reach a much greater mass of users worldwide. It is therefore important that the program should be available on multiple platforms.

The goal of my diploma is to create a task manager application that allows users to manage tasks intuitively, filtering, sorting and tracking them. The application also has to be prepared for multiple platforms.

The paper reveals what task management methods, applications exist and sheds light on their potential benefits and drawbacks as well. Such way we can gain insight into how modern web technologies can be used for making multi-platform applications. The developed task manager application, that is based on these technologies will be presented at the end of the paper.


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