Design of a Multiplatform Mobile Application, and it's Implementation on iOS 5

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

More users can be approached if a mobile application is developed for more mobile platforms. But this can be difficult because the mobile platforms are different: various programming languages are supported, the software architecture and the developer tools are different. However the programming languages share the object-oriented paradigm therefore general software designs can be made and the application for each platform can be developed using those as a base.

During the thesis design I worked with a project team, we created software designs for a multiplatform mobile application then I implemented the software based on those. My thesis presents the software designs in detail and their implementation for iOS 5. Although the programming language of iOS is object-oriented there were some parts of these designs that couldn’t be implemented as is, the thesis gives the details of these parts and the interesting parts of their implementation.

The iOS operation system is evolving dynamically, a new version of the system is released every year. The iOS 5 is one of the most important updates of the system, which changes the software development in many aspects. My master thesis describes the new features of the iOS 5 and their use in the application. During my work iOS 6 was released which contains some improvements and new features as well therefore the thesis includes the description of the new features and the details of their usage during the implementation.


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