Multiplatform multiplayer game development using Unity framework

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Hideg Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the 1970s computers were taken into mass production, this was the start of an era when average people could own a personal computer. Since then computer technologies have developed greatly and quickly through the years, especially in the minimalization of hardware components. Over these years many platforms have been developed and spread in the world of computer science. In the decade from 1970 to 1979 when we wrote a program, we could reach most of the computer users.

With the appearance of video game consoles, a new kind of layer developed in computer science, especially in the world of computer games. Not to mention mobile phones and tablets, platforms which are developing explosively and opening a new dimension into game making.

Therefore it is evident that developing for only one platform is not enough, we can cover just a small portion of the game market. But if we develop our application natively to every platform, it is a massive overhead. The Unity3D framework offers a solution for this multiplatform problem. With the help of this framework we can develop a common codebase for our game, which covers all the necessary platforms.

The goal of my thesis is to show how we can develop a multiplatform game with the help of Unity3D framework. The task is to develop a racing game which can be played through the network, along with a map editor where the players can create their own custom maps.

At the beginning of my thesis I will learn about the basics of Unity framework, then I will present its characteristics and advantages. Furthermore I will learn about a possible networking solution called Photon Unity Networking.

Following that, I am going to design the game's logic and architecture with the knowledge I gathered about the operations of Unity and Photon. After that I will design the user interfaces of the game.

In the third section I will implement the application based on the previously constructed design plans.

Last but not least I will test and evaluate the developed game running on Android and iOS operating systems.

Finally I will summarize the experiences I gained while I was making my thesis and I will examine the possibilities of further developments regarding my developed game.


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