Developing a multiplatform budgeting application using modern web technologies

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Kis-Nagy Dániel Dávid
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

People usually do not have the time to deal with their finances, however they do require a method or system that helps them to keep track of their incomes and expenses. Such system shall provide the opportunity to economise: current financial situations would be meticulously monitored; so that more responsible decisions could be made when a new expense or investment opportunity arose. Nowadays we tend to use gadgets in every aspect of our lives; to simplify our work or merely for entertainment as well. Using a software for budget-management is also advisable. A wide range of such software is available on the market, although only a few of them are built for multi-platform, providing uniformly neat user experience.

Therefore, I chose to implement an application for this purpose as my diploma thesis. To make it available on as many platforms as possible was paramount. I chose modern web technology based multiplatform methods for the implementation. Current tools offer much better opportunities, than the ones, that were applicable a couple of years ago. Countless useful advice and many help can be obtained from forums and from the professional community where innovative and practical solutions are developed every day.

Initially I present some personal budget management methods, then I analyse currently available web based desktop and mobile applications for that purpose. Afterwards the used web based technologies and methods are described and finally I depict how I implemented the application and then I summarise the experiences.


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