Multiplatform sport tracker application with Java based backend

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The multiplatform sport tracker is an application to facilitate doing some sport with trip planning and automatic data collection.

The complex application group’s main part is a central server with a database and graphical web client. The users of the application are able to sign up on the web client. The database is responsible for storing the datas, which were created and generated while using the application. After registering an account the user is able to plan routes on Google Maps, what they can see, edit or delete later. This routes are being saved into the database, too.

There is not only one option to connect to the central server. The user is able to connect with smartphone application (Windows Phone 8.1, Google Android 4.0+), too. These applications are not providing all the functionality, which the server provides, only the needed services. While using the application, the user is able to sign in with the registered account. After that, the application is syncronising the datas from the server automatically. After finishing the syncronisation, the user can see the planned routes, what was planned before by the user and there is the option to start the automatical data collection by choosing a route. During the data collection the application is able to work on offline mode which means that the device does not have active internet connection and next time, when internet connection is available, the user can upload the collected data to the server. Finally, when the syncronisation between the device and the server finished, the user can see some charts on the frontenf about the sports statistics what the device collected.


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