Multiplatform sport tracker application with .NET based backend

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

People considere their mobile phones as not only a device that is suitable for making calls but it is also an important accessory that they can use during sport activities and excursions. My thesis is about developing a sport tracker application.

Storing and processing of the operations of the users are done by a server-side component (that is based on .NET) which is connected with a web and two mobile clients (Android 4.0+, Windows Phone 8.1). I used Web api 2.0 technology for the implementation of server-side components. This component and the web clients are hosted to Microsoft Azure.

Users have the opportunity to authenticate by signing into the external service, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google besides local authentication. Signed-in users can create routes on a map, they can attach photos and comments to routes, and they can ask for the details and statistics of trips.

The routes and trips can be downloaded to mobile phones. After downloading, the mobile phone can help in sport activities while logging sensor data. The user can upload data to the server when internet connection is available. The application is capable of running offline during sport activity, because of storing data on device temporarily. Thanks to this feature the battery is draining slower. After synchronising data between client and server, users have the opportunity to see their results on charts and comment to their activities. Smart phone activities do not cover all opportunies and functions that is offered by the server.


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