Designing and implementing a multiplayer game with physics simulation

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Dr. Umenhoffer Tamás
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The possibility of network gameplay in today's computer games became one of the most important element, whether its cooperative, peer-versus-peer or hybrid style gameplay. The games, that only playable online are a very strong factor of the market share.

Most of the required functions of network gaming are already covered in special frameworks (ex.: RakNET, OpenTNL), but to understand the full aspect of the topic, I will also review methods, that these frameworks are already using.

In today's games, the physics simulation is also a required factor. This feature, which was first used in action games, is important to ensure that users feel a realistic enviromnent.

I will cover the techniques required to make a physics utilising network game used in the industry.

Also, I will show the methods used in a real-time physics simulation network game through a simple space shooter game's design and development - ranging from the used protocols to the possible server architerctures.

I will cover the decisions involved in the design phase, and the possible alternate solutions too.

During the realization I will not concern the following topics: scalability, authentication, encryption.


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