Multiplayer game development using Unity framework

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Hideg Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Today, the gaming software industry has reached its biggest size and yet, the huge need for the quality videogames keeps it constantly growing. There are different tools, frameworks and game engines that can provide fast and efficient game developing, and help the programmers at their jobs.

One of these frameworks is the Unity. With this tool it is easy to build a three-dimensional virtual world, creating objects in the game and giving parameters to them that can influence the whole game. To do all this, the Unity provides an editor that is really easy to use; moreover the framework can use C# scripts to define the game logic, so there is no need to learn specific programming languages.

My task was to develop a videogame with the Unity framework that can be played in multiplayer mode. Using existing game-type formats and my own ideas I created a game called Labyrinth Defend. This is a turn based, strategy game that can be played on network too.

In this paper I present the tools of Unity I used to create the Labyrinth Defend, including the usage of the HLAPI network gaming module.

I also demonstrate the decisions and solutions I used to define the features of the game. This paper includes the documentation of the behavior of the game objects on the networking system; the description of how to use external .json files to preset the levels in the game; and how I managed to create the control of the game in a way that it can be used by a human user or even an AI.


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