Developing online interface of a multiplex cinema with ASP.NET

OData support
Kaszó Márk
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, going to the cinema is a popular leisure time activity in Hungary, in spite of minor decline. Its popularity is due to a number of component. The most significant factors are the tradition of cinema-going, and the increasing number of shopping centers which are associated with multiplex cinemas.

Due to the increasing penetration of the Internet, more and more households can reach the data, informations and services which are published on the web. Recognizing this, a cinema have to publish to web, which can help overcome the concurrency. This will allow cinemagoers to hear about movies or movie showtimes and they can book favorite seats easily and conveniently from home. So we got the thesis subject, which is online surface design of an invented multiplex cinema using ASP.NET technology.

Introduction chapter presents a brief history and actualities of cinema using some statistical data. Then I detail of the problem and review the objectives of my thesis, looking at different roles. The second chapter reviews the technologies and development tools, to get a clearer picture of my project. In third chapter I define the website functional requirements, show the project specification and the use-case modell. Then the latter is more detailed and the paper continues with showing database design process and implemented database tables. Here we can find the navigation diagram of the Web portal and the implemention details of the main function.

Last chapter reviews the gained experience during the development and introduce some future work possibilities.


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