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Rajacsics Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My thesis points out the topic of multitexturing, in the greater topic of graphic programming, 3D graphic programming and texturing. In my previous work, I have already studied the various terrain texturing methods, now I am demonstrating the features of texturing in a much wider perspective.

In this document, I am describing GPU programs (known as shaders), including an introduction to the HLSL programming language. I am also presenting the architecture of the DirectX 11 pipeline, the purpose of its components, and showing the differences between graphic cards and CPU-s.

I am describing what „Texture” means, what kind of textures exist, and what their purpose are. I am introducing them from many aspects such as resource requirements, view and evolution.

The reader will also find the answer for the following questions. What is the concept of multitexturing, what are the problems that it gives an adequate solution to, what is the theory behind it, what are the pros and cons. I am presenting what kind of textures are used by the current graphical engines.

Beside these, I am analyzing the practical implementations of multitexturing, and showing a personal implementation of myself.


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