Development of workflow-driven applications with open tools for SMEs

OData support
Dr. Gönczy László
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Advanced business process systems nowadays are available for small businesses from modelling to executable processes, with significant user interface and integration options.

In this dissertation I use Bonita BPM to an existing small business, and I describe the implemented prototype created for the enterprise.

The goal of my work was to create an operating, practical, example system which provides real advantage for the company. This system has to be configurable to other firms have same activities, without technological changes, easily, or with only process changes can useable to firms have other kind of activities, thus firms don't need to rethink their available IT systems.

I started designing the firm's idealised, achievable behaviour. The system could be a possibility for the firm, to operation better. It have to be testable.

Beside the option of remote management and quick troubleshooting, creating KPIs are also an aim. It can help to filter fast the not effective processes or items of processes, including human resources.

Because of the reason of an upgrading option with increasingly popular, flexible rule engines, what nowadays are easily accessible for small businesses, I discuss about the using of Drools rule engine, and integration with Bonita BPM, and I try it too.


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