Developing a Workflow-based Document Management System

OData support
Lois László Dr.
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The paper examines the theme of the workflow-based document management systems and describes an option for implementation in the particular area. It outlines the key issues and tasks associated with the theme by assessing the core functionalities of the general document management systems relying on relational database and by learning the features of the documents management system supported by existing job processes.

The work processes are modelled by taking into account the documents management needs of a suitable target area, – a translation agency – based on which a feasible solution is outlined able to meet the requirements identified in the assessment.

Then the implementation of a particular solution is set forth and evaluated. The system applies J2EE technology and MySQL relational database for implementation, with JSP-based user interface and JavaScript/jQuery client-side interaction managing scripts which performs the document management tasks for the translation agency.

Finally, the paper evaluates system functionalities and suggests certain aspects that can make the basis for future development.


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