Supporting workflow in enterprise environment

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics


Nowadays there is a higher and higher demand for the operation of big multinational companies to be carried out according to well determined and elaborated processes, for which information technology gives help through modern, integrated data storages and supporting systems. The necessity of these solutions come with the multiple increase of the number of the daily used data and with the difficulties caused by the handling and moving of the piled documents during different processes, especially with old, disused data handling and storing solutions.

With the spread of WEB 2.0 technology the old file-server way of storing data became inflexible, with them the handling of entitlement is difficult, there is no versioning and meta-data handling. The lack of business intelligence requires the creation of new, modern and more flexible systems that can be handled more easily. The market has recognized these demands and a lot off different solutions are released by the software companies. For the handling of more complex processes it is better to integrate multiple solutions they are from different competitors, connect them and customize the whole system according to the demands of the company.

KFKI System Integration Ltd. has also recognized the deficiencies of its systems, and decided to introduce an integrated solution for enterprise data and process management. After the main criteria for the new system were laid down, the aims were determined. The new system was going to be based on a structural database system, with Microsoft Office Share Point based document management and K2 Blackpoint process handling solution. Beside the integrated function, the new integrated system has to be connected to the main CRM system of the parent company and to the project-monitoring and price-calculation systems of KFKI, redeeming some of their functions and supporting the rest of their applications.


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