Developing worktime scheduling software in Java

OData support
Beluzsár János
Department of Electronics Technology

The subject of my thesis is about planning and implementing a worktime schedule creator and timesheet registry.

Nowadays a lot of big company employ students who can work a part time job during their studies. Based on own experience I can say that even 80-100 students can work at one workplace and they would like to schedule their work hours at their preferred time. Companies collect their students’ needs and their resource requirements and after that they create the worktime schedule to meet these requirements. When they create the worktime schedule they follow the worktime and rest time laws. In many occasions a human labour force create the worktime schedule, which can take a lot of time. That is the reason why I have planned and implemented this software.

One of the application's functions is to work as an access control system. It registers the starting and ending time of the shift and saves the timesheet to a database. Another function is to store every worktime needs of the employees and the resource requirements of the company. The application considers the needs, the resource requirements and the law and creates a worktime schedule on a certain time interval.

There are different types of user roles in the program. Every user role has its own functions. There are some functions which are available for every user, but these same functions can work differently depending on user roles.

In my thesis I present the planning and implementing processes along with the database structure too.

In the first section I present my research from worktime schedule methods and softwares and present the worktime and rest time laws. Then I write details about the planning process and decisions and show the implementation of the program. Finally, I write about testing and further development opportunities.


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