Timesheet application on ASP.NET MVC platform

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The rapid development of the Internet affects people in their daily routines as well. Nowadays it has become the main channel of communications. Not only can become extremely useful in private life, but also a determining factor in the business world too. The applications can take advantage of the possibilities offered by the network too.

Using web technology it is possible to develop applications that are widely - using the Internet from almost everywhere - available. There are two main components of the solution, the server unit and the client unit, which - in most cases – you are able to connect to the server from different places of the world. The structure of the service placed in a central location, making it easy to develop and maintain.

Thanks to the structure of this technology, it can be used in many places. One of those is the work and administration of the work. Older, paper-based administration has been replaced by electronic records, which are more accurate and better structured than the older one. Thanks to the digital data, the administration system can display various reports, charts to the user, based on their’s stored data.

In my thesis I am going to present the currently most popular web technology: the ASP.NET, and a timesheet application based on this technology. I am going to demonstrate an overview of the structure, as well as other new features to extend. These features will work with the users’ stored data to make reports or charts. I will develop the user interface too.


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