Implementing a worktime log application in .NET

OData support
Benedek Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, working time management is becoming more and more significant as monthly wages are calculated based on it. Time logs are important statistics about how long a specific issue takes to finish. Numerous web services offer working time management but the users often fill in estimated times to their issues at the end of each day. Hence, the only proper information they have is the sum of working times of that day. The inaccurate statistics can lead to wrong business decisions in the long term, for example, to assume a too short deadline. Thus, it is worth supporting the working time measurement with software.

My application presented in my thesis yields a solution for this problem. While I was designing this software, I intended on creating a user-friendly and practical user interface, which offers the functions of working time management.

Besides, I endeavoured to make an expandable application. Since, the software stores the data primarily by an external service, I thought it is worth being able to support as many as possible. For this, I needed a modular application structure and a general data model which is compatible with most of the external services. My solution integrated Redmine out of them.


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