Program guide application on mobile Windows platform

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Thanks to the accelerated development of digital broadcasting, more and more new features have become available to subscribers via televisions with set-top box devices. One such new feature, the digital program guide, allows you to browse between TV channels, which is similar to the previous TELETEXT service but in a much faster manner. The channels are grouped in themes on the televisions’ interactive control surfaces according to their topics, which makes it much easier to find the desired channel or program. For each channel the consumer has the possibility to access not only the programs on the next day but as far as a week ahead. In addition to browsing the digital program guide, it is now possible to start targeted searches on the basis of different criteria. Besides reading a brief description of a selected program, the consumer also can set reminders that pop up on the screen a set time before the selected program kicks off. To further enhance the customer experience, multimedia content can be also available for various programs depending on the platform.

The aim of my thesis is to demonstrate my work together with Magyar Telekom, where I would like to incorporate the existing program found on their IPTV platform, and place it onto Windows Phone 7 and onto Windows 8 operating system. In addition to the development of this program onto these 2 new platforms, I would also like to provide the consumers the opportunity so that they can control their top boxes with a Windows Phone 7 and devices using Windows 8.

In my thesis I describe what kind of technology was used during the development, and also show services provided by Magyar Telekom to ensure correct operation. After identifying the specifications of the project I will also demonstrate the finished applications. And finally at the end of my dissertation, I will show the scope and directions for further development around the topic I touched on and summarize the job I have completed.


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