Electrical safety questions of MV auxiliary feeding of HV/HV substations

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Dr. Ladányi József
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In our dynamically growing word the power energy and qualitative, continuous electricity-supply has a crucial role. With a well designed grounding system the reliability of the electrical equipments can be improved. The thesis is divided into two main sections.

In the first part I present the terminology based on the literature and the standards, I bring forward the substations earthing systems, and I exemplify the measure method of the resistance to earth and the touch- and step voltage. Furthermore I present the limit values according to the Hungarian standard in use. In short I present the used Canadian CDEGS software package.

In the second part I introduce the tested simulations via the CDGEGS application. I present the examinated network. During the simulations I have investigated substations ground potential rise, the touch- and step voltage and the transfer potential. After the simulations I collated the results with the allowed limit values.


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