Planning and preparing NB-IoT service monitoring measurement using SQMS measurement system

OData support
Knapp Ádám
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The first time I felt I truly loved my chosen profession was during my time as a trainee. I was always amazed by smart solutions to everyday problems, and my heart also drew me to the telecommunications sector. As I got acquainted with my workplace, I found myself in a place where these two composed the majority of my daily routine. When choosing my topic I wanted to document my first independent project at my workplace.

My assignment is to develop a measurement that monitors the NB-IoT service in Budapest. This measurement attaches to Magyar Telekom’s internal proactive automated monitoring system. The measurement can provide feedback with only minutes of delay to the corresponding troubleshooting members if any form of service degradation is detected.

The project is built on the software and hardware components of the SQMS monitoring system, supplemented with first a Quectel BC95, later a Telit manufactured IoT modem.

Although the measurement is not functional at this time, the project remains my top priority at my work, and will be completed. In my assignment, I tried to demonstrate my lack of success in the same fashion, as I would have presented the working project.

The completed measurement will be used by Magyar Telekom to monitor and troubleshoot the NB-IoT service, for probably as long as the service is provided.


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