.NET Core and Vue.js based administration system for working hours

OData support
Dr. Asztalos Márk
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Most of the workplaces are visited daily by full-time workers. However, there are several employees, who have part-time jobs or choose student work. They get their salary after the hours worked. Thus, a surface is necessary to book these hours. In my thesis, I aimed to design and create an online registry, which is an ergonomic, userfriend way to book work hours. Moreover, my project makes it possible to represent and edit each worker’s relation to others, defining workplace hierarchy. Finally, it is appropriate for the creature and management of projects, accounting work hours to different projects. I used a brand new client-side framework, the Vue.js, and it’s robust partner, the .Net Core.

At first, I introduce the specification of the accomplished system, and its technological background is also presented. Then the final construction is demonstrated. From the two main technologies used in my work, one was unknown for me, but gaining deeper understanding and experience, I consider it to be quickly and easily learnable: so, I feel this technique’s usage not only sufficient, but also necessary. In the course of my work, I gained much new and useful knowledge, experience, and I succeeded in creating a functioning system.


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