Load Testing of .NET MVC Applications

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Testing is always a very important, integral part of software development. This is also true for web applications. In this case load testing has higher priority. The base of my thesis is a web application written in .NET language, which I present in chapter 1. In the introduction I also discuss the importance of this task.

There are many tools available for load testing of web applications. I have chosen four of them, those seemed appropriate for the load testing task. I also tried out these software products, I write about it in chapter 2.

In chapter 3 I demonstrate some further tools which are important for testing.

I introduce the detailed process of load testing in chapter 4. I also write about test data generation, I show the methodology I used for load testing. I have also written a detailed step-by-step guide for load testing which can be used by anyone to perform the test. I also mention the evaluation of test results and also the optimization.

Finally in chapter 5 I summarize my thesis and I show some possible directions for further development and refinement.


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