Mobile NFC coupons

OData support
Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The aim of this thesis is to present the NFC technologies and its surrounding infrastructure.

The first part of the thesis defines the scope and task of the thesis, then it presents literature research in the subject. I present the NFC technology, its evolution and compatibility with mobile technology platforms. By expanding my research, I inspected the feasibility of this technology and its applications in international and national payment solutions and the risks involved.

After the appropriate research, I started developing my own software. The software is a test system, which should run on two separate mobile platforms. My choices were the Android and Windows Phone environments, because the former is very widespread and the latter provides access to its NFC module (unlike iOS’ solution). I used my laptop as a server by installing the WampServer client, which provides PHP and a database - both needed for this project. To provide security for my transaction data, I used JavaCard, also used in SmartCards. Before the actual implementation I will briefly discuss the technologies involved so that their use is more clearly understood.

After introducing the used technologies, I present the brief overview of the system and its use cases. The functions used will also be presented in words, before the actual code.

The system which will be created will be primarily a test environment, therefore the actual possibilities will be limited, but the topics outside this thesis will be also discussed.

After presenting the plans of SW development, individual parts will be described and shown throught captured screens and pieces of code. The implemented system will be tested and the results obtained will be analyzed.


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