Analysis of NFC based public transportation systems and realization of an own service

OData support
Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The thesis discusses and analyses public transportation systems based on NFC (Near Field

Communication) and other contactless technologies. The advantage of NFC devices and

contactless cards is that they do not use an own battery while having enough processing

capacity to calculate cryptographic functions. Based on these properties far more

comfortable and safer services can be created using such devices. The thesis concentrates

on the security aspects of these systems but for better understanding it is inevitable to

discuss the basics of the used technologies.

First the NFC standard and its applications are introduced followed by the properties and

structure of systems based on this technology. After that the security aspects of such

solutions are discussed and procedures to increase security are introduced. At the end of

the first part existing services are shown concentrating on the new aspects and the used

security methods.

In the second half of the thesis the designing and implementing process of an own service

can be read realized in an emulated environment. Based on a specific use-case required

system components are identified and specification is written. Part of the process is the

integration of the chosen standard. Finally the implemented system is tested and searched

for weaknesses.


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