Implementation of high-reliability programing network for embedded multi-processor systems

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Kovács Zoltán György
Department of Electron Devices

The aim of my thesis work is the implementation of a programming network for use in embedded multiprocessor systems, that is able to program the microcontrollers in the system independently of each other. The network consists multiple programmer agents that program the microcontrollers, and a master that controls the programmer agents. The connection between the master and the programmer agents is provided by a shared I2C bus. The protocol used by this bus is platform-independent, i.e. it is suitable to control the programming process of microcontrollers from various vendors without modification. A single programmer agent is capable of programming multiple microcontrollers via their native programming interfaces. The implementation of this agent is vendor-specific, i.e. it is capable to program the target microcontroller via its vendor-specific programming interface under the control of the vendor-independent instructions received via the I2C bus. During implementation, reliablity is a key concern, that is, it must be ensured that the programmer agent cannot interfere with the operation of the microcontrollers connected to it in the event of malfunction of any of the elements of the programming network, and, the integrity of the firmware to be programmed into the target microcontroller must be ensured.


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