Design and implementation of a highly reliable, flexible, web-based network management service

OData support
Dr. Varga Pál
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The aim of writing this thesis was to develop a flexible web application, which is able to execute network management tasks. An application like this posesses increased security capabilities, easy extendibiliy, provides a high level view of the network, meanwhile it communicates with networking devices at a low level.

In the first chapter there is a theoretical summary, which gives the reader a basic understanding of the applied protocols and technologies.

As the first step, I wrote the requirement specification of the software, which can be found in the second chapter.

After specification and design, I began to implement the application. In the third chapter I place it in context of the network and review its software requirements. I explain its modular design and bring two exaples, an SNMP and a SSH based management modul. Then the application's authentication and authorisation solutions are described. To understand this piece of software, one should be familiar with the process of initializing and handling an HTTP request.

There is a performance benchmark in the fourth chapter which illustrates numerical qualities of this program.


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