Development of high reliability software modules for small satellite platform

OData support
Kovács Zoltán György
Department of Electron Devices

Today CubeSat satellites are becoming more and more widespread. CubeSat projects usually equal low cost and short development time. Due to their high integrity and modularity, the development time can be significantly decreased with Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) modules, which are compatible with each other and can be bought even on the internet.

Within the framework of the thesis, in cooperation with the C3S Electronics Development LLC., the task was to propose and implement a few software modules of a CubeSat currently being developed.

The satellite has to operate and work in the harsh space environment, so high reliability was an important aspect during the design and implementation of the software modules. Limitations due to the embedded environment also had to be thoroughly considered.

The thesis describes the main components of the satellite, the structure and specification of the software modules, and the possible realization of their different parts.

The thesis starts with the description of the software design flow and a few popular embedded operation systems. The implemented Frequency Scaling Unit, and the Compressor Unit are presented and explained in detail.

At the end of each chapter related to an implemented module, there is a section about the realistic testing of the specific module, and the evaluation of the test results.

The final part of the thesis summarizes the work, and presents the possible developments for the future.


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