High-accuracy ammeter and voltmeter

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Futó András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The measurement of voltage and current has always played a key role in the discipline of electrical engineering. Nowadays, an exceptional accuracy can be achieved by the improvement of digital technology and the reduction of the size of the analogue parts. The precision of measure is required by different areas of the industry. The capacity of the batteries and the power consumption of the circuits has become an important issue in our mobilized world. The power consumption has to be taken into account not just in hardware architecture, but during software development. It is difficult to calculate or predict the power consumption of the device from the output of the compilers. In practice, the only way to determine it is measurement. By precise measurements the energy efficiency of algorithms could be concluded.

Hardware development can provide another example for the utilization of these measurements. The data for the transients of digital circuits is essential in the design of power supplies. (It can also be an important parameter during EMC measurements and design.) In the absence of this parameter the stability of the system could be affected by the dynamic conditions of the power supply.

The aim of my thesis to design a simple device that can be used to measure the above mentioned parameters. It could be a good starting point to design a high precision device for hardware development.


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