Implementing a high availability business process management solution based on IBM Process server

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

In this course i had to built a high availability system with the capability to run business processes. This system is a single cluster topology system with to host machine in it. Each machine has one instance of Websphere Process Server v 7.0. These instances ensure the high availability with the ablility to fill in if the other one is out of order. I also had to create a business process which is one of the many processes of one fictional mobile phone company. In the implementation of the system and the process i used more than one modern and mainstream technology. For example I used Java Server Faces 2.0 for the implementation of the graphical user interface. Also int he process there is a point where it invoke one webservice. The purpose of this service is to access a datebase. This webservice use Java Persistence API in its implementation. While I’ve worked on this project i learned lot of new and usefull things, especially int he subject of Websphere Process Server and Business Processes.


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