Test Environment for High Power Test Bench

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Dr. Varjasi István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

It is expected in the near future that more and more power inverters will be connecting to the grid, due to the increasing use of renewable energy and the spread of electric cars. The currently used converters inject significant harmonics into the grid. Nowadays in order to reduce this, the requirements for power electronic equipments are becoming stricter. By using Hardware-in-the-Loop testing methods, meeting these requirements can be done more easily and more efficiently in a shorter time.

The subject of my Master Thesis is development of the test environment of the High Power Test Bench which is being built in the Department of Automation and Applied Informatics. In my essay I describe the modern Hardware-in-the-Loop testing methods which can aid the engineers during the developments. Then, an overview is provided about the main circuits of the High Power Test Bench. The presentation is given of how the main circuit of the DC Grid Simulator (DHS) are modelled. The control algorithms of the DHS unit have been developed and tested on these models. For testing of the algorithm on the control unit, I created a Control Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulator. Finally, the algorithms have been tested with this simulator.


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