Designing high voltage switch control and measuring energy consumption with mobile phones

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Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the needs for automatization and different type of remote control solutions are highly increasing. That system does not count to luxury, but has become a basic need. In my thesis work, I introduce a part of Smart-Home system. It is a high voltage switching unit with remote control, power consumption meter and with timer functionality.

First of all the documentation explains what inspired the preparation of the device, then introduces the requirements. When I was searching in the literature, I found that a device like this gives a new way in home automatization. In the chapter about planning explain the most important steps of the architectural design. Following the steps of hardware design, I describe how we get from schematic to PCB. The next chapter is dealing with the software design and the activities after the hardware assembling is complete. Then it is shown how we can synchronize the parts of the device. After that we can find the users manual documentation. The last chapter of my thesis work summarizes the half year work, and proposes further development directions.

This device was actually manufactured, assembled, tested and equipped with software. The remote control function is operating according to the specification.


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